Friday, April 21, 2006

Olga Erotica

Olga's Girls (Synapse Films) - So I finally get to see this Lesbo-Druggo-psychedelic 'shocker', that is really a very clever silent movie framed around the moral pretext that it's some sort of documentary expose on the ugly underworld of female prostitution, narcotic drug use, organized crime and bitch fights! There's plenty of fine, real women, getting their gear off, displaying the 2006 range of Victoria's Secret underwear and accessories, shooting smack, fondling eat other, smoking pot, and for all you kinko-sicko-Industrial nipple piercers - TORTURE! I'd like to go into more detail, but my bloomin' compyouta DVD-R won't play for me to take some delicious screen shots. The film exposes all the taboos of the time, heavy drug use, lesbianism, white slavery, prostitution, power struggles, the evil tentacles of organised crime, torture, humiliation, brain washing, mind control, etc..etc! It's alot of fun, with a great soundtrack that veers from Bambi-in-the-woods type classical music, Ravel almost, to swinging early-Mod guitar shit via the Phil Upchurch Combo's 'You can't sit down'. Audrey Campbell who plays the notorious Olga, looks at times really harsh and really foxy, esp. in a great seduction scene. Director Joseph P Mawra directs his actors in a Bresson-like minimalism and precision, framing and lighting the film beautifully and maximising the kinky eroticism the girls, while playing it straight to enable it to keep it's mockumentary edge and conflicted moralism. Mawra was also responsible for the legendary sleazer 'Shanty Tramp', of which late Geelong garage-punk combo The Dirty Lovers made a classic single about. 'Olga's Girls' is pure early 60s grindhouse sleaze, sure it drag in parts, but there's enough raunch, eye candy and flat out sleazy nutiness to keep the biggest Inner-City-slob more than satisfied and amused.

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