Friday, April 28, 2006

Hacker Art - was gonna call it KeyGen Soundtracks

I've been cucking around on this InterNerd thing since day one, nearly, which makes me a pretty TRAGIC nosepicker. One of the things that appealed to me about compyouters as a kid, was this concept of replicating information. It really appealed to my anachronistic sensibilities, but the coolest thing about the computer shmegaggie was that you can get shit for FREE. And valuable shit too, like games or editing programs or utilities. I mean sure it renders a society useless if people put the hard yakka in and get no kudos, but I don't see the software industry keeling over YET, and it's been, what, nearly 30 years now???

ANYWAYS, I remember, back in the day, when I was a confused shmendrick trying to find my way around a dull Compyouter Degree, full of the most BORING deadshits from the suburbs (well 90% worth anyway!) I found that, well these boring deadshits with the straightest, most self-righteous, Born Again existences were actually the biggest kvetch GUNNEFS (Smalltime thieves). Yep Jeff from Montrose and Dan from Fountain Gate would love to escape their menopaused wives to steal and swap the latest games from America, or word-processors or porno slide-shows or whatever software they could copy for free.. OK, I've digressed a bit here, but going back..

I remember meeting this dude on a Bulletin Board really late one night who posed as Vanien Franken from the Damned (even though he didn't know ANY of their music, he was into Rick Astley, Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Devine!?!@!) after being blasted and reading some article on 'cyberpunks' and how all these computer programmers and geniuses were apparently MASSIVE acid heads and whatnot. I guess San Franciso is along way from suburban Melbourne. Anyway this dude became my drug dealer(and then mysteriously DISAPPEARED!), but he also had a massive collection of really shit-hot pirated games from the UK on his Amiga super-dooper-trooper-compyouter:

The Amiga - the Brian Eno of computers

The Amiga was renowned for it's superior graphics and sound capabilities, and was about 10 years ahead of nearly any other computer at the time (alot of early electro-techno d00dz used these to compose with). Many of the Crackers who pirated or cracked the copy-protection on the software would brag about their feats by posting a ANSI (American National Stds Institute) Graphics 'Tag' or a VGA (Video Graphics Adaptor) trailer (like in a moofie) art before each game, complete with techno muzak. Most of the music was of a lo-fi MIDI file type of techno, some slightly squelchy almost acid, but unfortunately most of the geeks were geeks and liked the sorta irritating happy-pappy techno pop of the late 80s. It's interesting as during the 90s the music veered closer into the 'Ardcore sorta rave shit, and the darker core stuff. The SERIAL KEYLER stuff above has a daggy sorta Nin Inch Nails type industrial-goth-techno, which many of the cracker geeks would get into.
Twk - Euro elctro- tech diff-diff massive!

The TWK KeyGen(erator), plays a ditsy Euro-electro sort of 'anthem, track thru the chintziest MIDI, but hey, the fucker will definitely get yr PowerArchiver working!

There's a whole WORLD in invisible art that hackers create, and that in this Computer Fuckhead is completely over-looked and shunted. I guess the closest companion is all that Graffiti and these days stencil Art that is fantastic when it's brilliant, but TERRIBLE coz every fucken spastic does it. But the computer art goes more-or-less ignored, but I know some fucken trendy fuckhead out there will go out and wave his dick around as if he discovered it, or some under-sexed Librarian with a $100K art-administrator job will no doubt start hyping this thing (if it hasn't already been done, then , aarr get fucked!)..(instant WIRE, there's a BOOK on it, see link below!)

Here are some sorta interesting links to some of this Computer Hacker art, there are music files, but I'm too fucken lazy to find a program that will play 'em.



ANSI whatever shit

Oh fuck, I'm tired and gotta go to bed, just look at Wikpedia's bullshit or apparently there was a whole magilla on it in America already. Sheeit!


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