Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First past the post

I had my own personal Blog web diary, gulcha repository 6 years ago, in fact I started around the same time as I start this - Easter/Passover. I had some friends who became InterNerd millionaires for 3 days hype me to this site called the StileProject, which was a mixture between Howard Stern, Cannibal Holocuast and Deep Throat the movie. It was hilarious, and had chutzpah. I thought the guy Stile who created it was older than he was (apparently only 21 or something at the time), so it turned out the 'audience' I was mingling with were late teen early 20 somethings high on nu-metal, porn and drugs. My site, while trying to gain a more 'mature' aesthetic, got many of these gimps clicking through (though mainly to download the free pr0n I had on offer). Regarldess, maybe one or two of them would been turned on to music by Iggy Pop or films by Bresson, or a comic by Charles Burns - anything to get 'em away from Limp Bizkit or a McG movie or Paris Hiltons lack of any sex appeal? As I get older and have a family myslef, I feel some sort of perverse mitzvah to try and teach the kids about culture, gulcha, trash that sticks, that lasts, that fucken kicks against that Juggernaut of globalmedia dhiarrea and hussle that is turning the masses and even the counterculture into a self-serving horde of zombies both right - and they would never admit it - left into a mono-cultural mass arse-fuck of useless pulp. I believe my aims are true, but fuck it, this is MY BLog, and I will do what the fuck I like. If you like it stay for the ride, otherwise, get fucked.

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