Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Inland Empire Part.1

Shreik Yerbooti

So I just saw David Lynch's new film INLAND EMPIRE. A 3 hours slog, that rubs the synapses no better nor worse than any of his other meshigarse, on reflection I kinda liked it. I really like the fact that I sat in an un-airconditioned cinema with narrow seats, and an under 30s audience that were so cool they couldn't lower the temperature in the fucken cinema, but I'll stop kvetching as this point. Basically the film is about some actress that gets a warning, enters a dual-identity headfuck, and then it goes on for three hours. The film reminded me in look to Sukhorov's RUSSIAN ARK, with an abundance of baroque interiors and exteriors. It also reminded me of Phillipe Grandrieux's LE NOUVELLE VIE, which I reviewed somewhere on the blog last year, basically coz alot of the film is set in Poland, and there's sex-trade. Nice boobs make an appearance as well. The image above doesn't happen in the film per-se, but something similar does. Lynch has made the best American DV movie so far. I always find it interesting how guys like David Lynch, as they get older, seem to always find a younger audience. I guess that means he's pretty hip. End of Part.1