Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm sorry for nothing

In one of the most outrageously nutzoid examples of Conservative pressure, Australia's second best Aussie-rules football player, Ben Cousions of the West Coast Eagles, made a pre-recorded 'apology' to his fans, club and most importantly Corporate sponsors for his recent apparent drug problems. In recent times, Cousins has been known to hang out with drug dealers, and besides being a fan of the socially acceptable 'piss' (alcohol), he apparently is a coke head and in recent times an Ice head. Kinda funny considering the fact this guy earns well over a million bucks a year, is probably the most famous person in Western Australia, and he smokes the cheapest and nastiest loser drug ICE! But enough of that. His pre-recorded 'apology' after his much falooted Malibu rehab session would have made Osama Bin Laden proud. Basically Cousins's didn't give a shit because this media joke is a pure example of 'conservative' or neo-Con pressure on this guy to 'get in line'..It seems kinda obvious Cousins was sent to a drug clinic, where the experts there found him to be a recreational user, not an 'addict' as all these clueless conservatives media 'experts' and sport commentators have painted him. Why don't we take on these bozo ALCOHOLICS in the conservative media at their own game? Just coz it's legal, don't mean it's any better, let alone 'moral'. Sure Cousines is a TERRIBLE role model for kids, but everyone likes an outlaw, especially in sports where these days they're all bloody robots. Imagine how I feel, my team Carlton, used to be like say the Dallas Cowboys, and now we're probably as good football players as the guys in Debbie Does Dallas or something!

ANYWAY I just saw the 'hot' new Aussie 'punque' banmd the EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING. Yeah I like their songs and will buy their album. Their live show was slick, and their rhythm section was tight and pro as the West Coast Eagles midfield that that Cousins guy plays in. This bloke, who is the Molly Meldrum of the indie-internerd-underground has been hyping them as the new messiah of the week. Sure they sound like Wire meets the Modern Lovers meets the Fall with the lead singer on the Victims out front, but part of their popularity is becuase they really sound like the Storkes, I mean Strokes or the Kings of Leon. Good luck to 'em. good night.

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Dave said...

And here I was thinking I was the Glenn A. Baker of the internerd indie set...