Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ar'll be bark

DRECK MIT LEIBER is a Yiddish saying that literally means 'shit with liver', and probably the perfect word that describes the way-over-the-top sadistically violent 'shoot-a-gook' fest that is the trailer of the world's most famous steroid abuser's latest Rambo vehicle. why couldn't the pussy go out and splatter a few Islamofascists instead of some harmless horries? Anyway my life has been a busy mess, hence no verbal spewage and gulchural vomit, but I have the following lined up for Bloggage:
  1. The rest of the best non-Bava-Argento giallos
  2. Feeling like a coke-addicted pr0n-star listening to the Sisters of Mercy
  3. ..and a review of the great new 'Jason Crest' novel 66MindFuck99

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