Monday, January 29, 2007

Favourite songs


  1. RIVER SONG - DENNIS WILSON : The sound of what happens when a Beach Boys finds god and cocaine simulataneously. Also he was the drummer, so this piece of ULTRAPURE (columbian) pop swings and rollicks in its epic glory. You WILL beleive.
  2. FINAL SOLUTION - PERE UBU : Flat chat white-soul-funk. Laughner's guitar solo is the great air guitar solo freakout ever.
  3. BLANK FRANK - BRIAN ENO : simulataneously acknowledge the Velvet Underground and Bo Didley, throw all meaning once the beat kicks in and the machine gun electronics take over.
  4. HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN - THE SEX PISTOLS : smash your head! smash the fucken!
  5. OH SWEET NOTHING - THE VELVET UNDERGROUND : more religious hand-holding, the song 'Hey Jude' never was!
  6. FOUND A JOB - TALKING HEADS : just for the last 5 minutes where they rip off Parliament.
  7. ROCKS OFF - THE ROLLING STONES : more mileage out of a high E chord than any band except the Velvet Underground.
  8. BOSS HOSS - THE SONICS : this song makes me want to get drunk in a good way.
  9. MOTHER SKY - CAN : a song that starts in the midlle of a song and never stops with the second best guitar wank lead break ever
  10. BONZO GOES TO BITTBURG - this song by the Ramones makes me cry.

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Anonymous said...

I love you. I love you because I've never known anyone else who cried when hearing "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg." That song always reduces me to a puddle of tears and I have absolutely no idea why.