Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dicking Around with YouTube

Alot of the sites, blogs and fourms I spend my time not watching TV at, are plugging in some totally WILD and rare videos of great rock and the odd great film trailer. Here are some happy-pills of classic rock, shloch and other ephemera that might keep youse excited for the next five minutes, starting with uber-cult band 'The Sparks' a band who I always though were kinda queer and odd, until I had a good hard listen, but even better was finding my favourite track of theirs 'this town aint big enough for the both of us'..well.. well as ripping live performance by my favourite Pommy contemporary psych band..

And fuckaduck, they even had a fucken LAUGHING CLOWNS video, just top remind me how good AUSSIE POST-PUNK/NOWAVE/ARTROCK was at one stage..

..and the trailer to one of my favourite Spag-Westerns, Corbucci's kick-ass COMPANERO's starring Franco Nero, Thomas Milian and Jack Palance as a stoner!@$!

..arrrr fuggit, I can't help myself, being a kid of the music-video-age, i remember seeing this in many a late-nite-muzikvideo-marathon, the ultimate in 80s neon-cocaine-soft-pr0n dreck, Belois Somme's clip IMAGINATION.. Yo!

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