Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Straaannnnggeee, what looooooooovvveee does!

The Lynch Mob (or 'Bomb' Squad?)

..with INLAND EMPIRE (the DVD), David Lynch gives us a double-album’s worth of film. Prolly better as two 120 minute blocks, it isn’t dissimilar to Tarantino’s KILL BILL 2-fer, but with Lynch you get a real paen to experimental or ‘underground’ American cinema, especially when it comes to the 70-minutes of ‘more things that happened’ DVD extra.

‘More things that happened’ basically works off two story strands. The first features an Eastern European super-model, who contemplates buying a watch off a dodgy Slavic who only wants to hold her hand…The second story features another male-Slavic crossover point, this time Laura Dern improves sad ‘confessional’ memories to what looks like a sloppy PI, goes through a great trippy reality-warp via creepy doorways and staircases and hallways and weird rabbits, only to confess some more, before we find our supermodel as an LA whore - actually a gaggle of whores who all have various states of herpes!

It’s Lynch. It’s experimental, and works more in the favour of yr hardcore American avant-garde set like yr Ken Angers and Brackages and Michael Snows, albeit with a slightly more ‘mersh bent, than anything else. The music is great, verging from yr usual ‘body-w/o-organs-gripping-drone' to some ‘hearing it from another room doof’ trip-hop to some lovely Cage-ian piano plonks, to the final dubby Blues-shuffle, that sounds like Lynch trying to do Horace Andy or Dawn Penn or something….

Yep it’s a double album of Lynch, some of it could be shorter, but when it hits ya, you know yr in safe hands.

(NOTE: The last few shots are very Kubrickian, made even more amazing by the fact it was done on a PD150!)

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