Friday, August 06, 2010


ENTER THE VOID - Gaspar Noe, 2010

Returning from Gaspar Noe's latest mindfuck, I am sitting here, abuzz and 'a buzzed'. Starting off with opening titles that rock more than the whole 'Speed Racer' movie, Noe sets the audience up for his latest state-of-the-art ART movie ENTER THE VOID. A neon lit night-time panorama arcs to the sky where a 747 can be seen flying over the Tokyo skyline. As Linda (Paz De La Huerta) warns her brother Oscar (Nathaniel Brown) that he's becoming a junkie. Seen POV from here-on, said stoner lights up a pipe of DMT, and pretty soon the fun and games begin, with some of the most stunning 'Expanded Cinema' type 'visuals' seen in a recent movie. Part fairy-tale, part primal scream therapy, Noe delivers a trip that can at times get real bumpy. Great soundtrack by Daft-Punk's Bangalter and once again lensed by Benoit Debie, ENTER THE VOID is business as usual for Mr.Noe. Evoking Kubrick's '2001' and 'Eyes Wide Shut', as well as all the sleaze and crazy visual sexual tricks that litter Shu Lea Cheang rarely seen Jap sci-fi-art-porno IKU , ENTER THE VOID does nothing to dispel the hype that he is quickly becoming today's 'new Kubrick' albiet of more, how-you-say-it - (bodily) fluid variety? ENTER THE VOID puts Noe right up on the top of today's genre/grindhouse pile with say, David Fincher - it's a technological and artistic achievement that is certain to add to Noe's growing, respected and totally geniune 'cult'.