Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tony Mokbel impersonator, DAVE GROHL, captured!!

"..I'll stick around, I'll stick around...'

Well known Tony Mokbel impersonator DAVE GROHL was captured in Greece today living the high-life with his stripper girlfriend who gave birth to Dave Jr a few months ago. Grohl was found with three mobile phones and a bag of cocaine pellets and a fake passport that said his name was 'Steve Pappas'. The well known rock star had become disenfranchised with being the leader of the worlds biggest Husker-Du cover band, and decided to become a notorious drug-lord with an empire estimated to be worth at least $20million. The fugitive was not repentant. 'Imagine how you would feel screaming stupid lyrics and predictable chord changes to million of fucking stupid bogens who think they are punk and then go on to become middle managers?' Grohl has sold over 20 million album worldwide, but found that selling 'party' drugs was way more interesting and 'rock n roll' than making pedestrian music for pedestrians. 'You know when I was in the Foo Fighters I'd hang out with deadshits like that guy from Queens of the Stones Age and Bjork. I mean people think 'wow' those guys are so zany, but you know they're just 'regular guys' who just happen to fuck hotter people than most other dudes. I mean the drug empire I built opened me up to a lifestyle rock stars can only dream of. You get hot sluts, free entry to heaps of nightclubs, a new penthouse apartment with a plasma TV, surround system and see-thru shower, a new $100,000 car each month and I mean amongst others you get to hang out with rockstars, film producers, actors, politicians, lawyers, doctors, presidents of football clubs - you know REAL HIGH FLYERS, THAT ARE POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL, unlike those fucken rockstar clowns.'

Grohl will be extradited to Seattle from his idyllic Greek hideaway next week.